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Best Prices

We provide you best price guaranteed in Malaysia, Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur

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TNG SDN BHD assures you the best quality guarantee sand in Klang Valley based on 20 years of experience


TNG SDN BHD will transport your sand within next 24 hours upon confirmation of the order.


Coarse Sand of TNG SDN BHD, Best coarse sand Malaysia - KL

Coarse Sand

Suitable for batching plant
Wash Coarse sands’ sizes vary over three millimeters. Our wash coarse sand is appropriate to be used in different industries, such as concrete sand, sand for the development ready mixed, structural piles etc.
We will guarantee the best transport fees and quality.
Best Coarse Sand Malaysia!

Fine Sand

Suitable for plastering, brick laying, & other used
Washed Fine sands particles range around 2 milimetres. It can be used as plastering sand and roof tiles manufacturing etc.Our company produces the best quality of fine sand. The origin are from Ipoh-Perak.
We deliver fine sand by truck-load.Just provide us with the location of your store or project site. We will forward to you our quotation.
Best Fine Sand Malaysia!

Fine sand of TNG SDN BHD, Best Fine sand Malaysia
clay sand TNG SDN BHD, buy clay sand Malaysia, Kl


Suitable for ceramic, brick, pottery
Clay are koalinitic sedimentary clays that commonly consist of 20-80% kaolinite. It is a heavy, sticky material from the earth that is made into different shapes and that becomes hard when it is baked or dried to make bricks, pottery, and ceramics.

River Sand

Suitable and vital for Construction industry
River sand is used as aggregate in concrete and mortars . Rive sand is mined from the river beds, it naturally is in the from of well graded, with strength & durability. naturally consists of all practical sizes . We supply River Sand not only in Malaysia but also export to India.
Best River Sand Malaysia!

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Construction RM 650

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  • Price start from RM30.00 / ton
  • 12 Wheeler
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  • 24 hours shipping
  • Inclusive transport

Best Prices

We provide you best price guarantee in Klang Valley

Best Quality

TNG SDN BHD assure you best quality guarantee sand in Klang Valley based on 20 years in sand production experienced


TNG SDN BHD will ship sand or your order within next 24 hours upon confirmation of your order.

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