Our fine sand is used in civil works all over Malaysia, concrete plants, horse arenas, building and domestic applications. We have a variety of sand available depending on the use. Our products include Washed Sand and Asphalt Sand Please note, for safety and practical reasons, we are not able to load cars and trailers unless by prior arrangement. Our loader buckets are too big for small trailers.

Civil Works

The sand is ideal as a bedding sand to level the bottom of your trench under pipes or services, or packing sand to cover the same and fill all voids. It is also well suited to bedding under concrete slabs to avoid damage to the barrier film.

Concrete and Asphalt Plants

A number of concrete and Asphalt batching plants add our washed fine sand to their main sand supply if they are lacking in fines. The use of our fine sand in concrete and asphalt is said to improve the workability and finishing quality of the concrete and asphalt.

Building & Domestic Applications

The whiteness of our fine sand makes it very good for bricking sand when a white mortar is required. The resulting mortar is very “creamy” for ease of working. Our fine sand is excellent to provide a level base under paving and doubles to sweep over the finished paved area to grout all joins.